Strategic Imperatives of Modern Management: conference

Terms of Participation

In order to participate in the Conference, please until 15 March 2020 fill in an application form and send to (topic of the latter: “SIMM 2020”): a paper (up to 10 000 symbols) (the filename must match the first co-author's name, the file is stored in the rtf format (for example, Shevchenko.rtf); a receipt confirming the registration fee payment (electronic copy or photo).

You will receive confirmation of the acceptance of your materials within 3 days, otherwise – please send an e-mail request to the Organizing Committee.

Submissions are reviewed and checked for text borrowing. The paper can be rejected, if it does not meet the requirementsfor topic, content or design. In this case, an appropriate notification will be sent to an e-mail of the author (authors). 

A printed copy of the Conference Proceedings can be obtained at the time of registration at the conference or after it - by mail on the requisites specified in the form.

The costs associated with publishing conference materials, mailing, organizing program events of the conference are covered at the expense of the organizational contributions of the participants.


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